An email about business podcasts. WTF?

Here's the quick version.

Hiya! I'm Jaclyn Schiff (friends call me Jacci). I took over managing this newsletter in October 2020 after its founder Paul Metcalfe, a fellow business podcast junkie, got busy with other projects.

Once a week, I pull together the best podcast episodes in an email and send them to your inbox.

If you're a business owner, or an entrepreneurially-minded sales or marketing leader who loves podcasts, I think you'll find this valuable.

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The long story.

I thought about going back to school to get an MBA. Instead, I started listening to business podcasts.

I was working as a journalist in Washington, D.C. (this was about a decade ago). Exciting as it was to work in a newsroom, journalism, as an industry, turned volatile as the web became integral to our information diets.

I wanted to learn more about business and entrepreneurship and see if I could apply my journalism skills in different ways. (Mainstream media was flailing, but news upstarts and content was hot...)

In my quest to learn more about business, I stumbled across Mixergy.

Holy crap! 🤯 I couldn't believe this information was free. I went on a massive listening binge, adding other business podcasts like This Week in Startups and the Tropical MBA Podcast.

Fast forward a few years, and I put all that information to use and launched PodReacher, a done-for-you podcast show notes and episode repurposing service 🎙️➡️📝. In less than two years, I've grown the business past $15k MRR, recruited more than 25 team members, and worked with 50+ podcasts from amazing businesses like FreshBooks, SquadCast, the COO Alliance and more.

I couldn't have done this without the know-how and connections from podcasts. Thanks to listening to an crazy amount of interviews, I picked up essential tips for validating a business idea, selling when you're just starting out and so much more.

I have so much more to learn, so naturally, I'm still listening to podcasts. That's how I connected with Paul Metcalfe, the founder of this newsletter. I wished something like this existed years ago! 

As Paul got busy with other projects, I missed seeing Podboxer in my inbox, so I asked Paul: Could I keep Podboxer going? 

And here we are. I have big shoes to fill, but my goal is to keep this website incredibly useful for anyone on the journey of growing a business. My priority is sourcing GREAT information that happens to be from podcasts, and to help point you to worth-your-time podcasts along the way.

Want to contact me?

If you have questions, feedback, want to tell me about your podcast,  or just say hi... you can email me at

I'd also be glad to connect on Twitter or LinkedIn. Don't hesitate to say what's up! 

- Jaclyn Schiff, your business podcast concierge