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Get your podcast in front of growth-minded business leaders on the Podboxer blog. Here's how.

👉 Our mission

Podboxer equips business owners and entrepreneurially minded sales and marketing leaders with the best business growth tactics by unearthing advice, inspiration and tips from business and marketing podcasts.

We don’t simply curate podcast recommendations — we share cogent business content that happens to be inspired by podcasts.

👉 Our audience

Podboxer reaches an audience ranging from small business owners to startup founders to HR and marketing professionals. Our readers trust us to deliver business growth ideas in a fun, digestible and engaging format.

👉 Submissions are open

We’re currently accepting pitches on marketing, sales, team building, operations and related topics. Our twist? Your post must be based on lessons from business podcasts. 

Content Guidelines

Please read some posts on our blog to get a feel for our voice, style and topics covered. See this post for an example of how we format with the elements mentioned below.

Please submit your pitch through this form. Our blog editor will be in touch if it’s a fit.

Note: Podboxer is an editorially independent project of PodReacher. While the blog editor may publish content PodReacher has produced for customers, PodReacher does not guarantee Podboxer placement.

Once your pitch is accepted, here’s what we’re looking for in a draft:

  • We don’t have a strict word count, but recommend between 800 and 1,000 words. We’ll accept longer posts that hold readers’ attention.
  • Include at least 3 catchy headline options.
  • Close the post with 3–5 quick tips to help a reader take action on what they’re learning.
  • Non-promotional — introduce the podcast and the guest at the beginning of the article, to provide context, but no hard sell or CTAs. Feel free to include a link to your website, social media or podcast platform of choice.
  • Your post must be based on at least one episode from a business or marketing podcast. You could include information from multiple episodes and/or supplement it with outside research — just be sure to clearly attribute to the original source.
  • No need to include SEO research; we’ll take care of that!
  • Submit your draft in a Google Doc and make sure there's open editing access.

We may edit your post for length, tone and clarity before publishing.


Will my post be included in the Podboxer newsletter?

Yes! If your submission is accepted, we’ll promote the published post in the Podboxer weekly newsletter. 

Will you use a post I’ve already published?

Your post must be original to Podboxer, so we don’t accept submissions of previously published posts. 

Can I publish the post somewhere else?

You may republish a post on your/your company’s site at least 30 days after it’s published on Podboxer using a canonical link. Consider anything you submit to Podboxer as work made for hire; we own the copyright.

Do you pay for posts?

We don’t offer payment for posts. You’ll get an author bio with a link back to your website, as well as a platform to showcase your podcast to our audience.

Do I have to have a podcast to pitch Podboxer?

No. We accept pitches from anyone who wants to write a post based on lessons from business podcasts. Just be sure you attribute where the information comes from appropriately.