50,000 Dollars a Month From One Blog Post?!


I’ve followed Ryan Robinson’s blog for a couple of years and love his content. He’s done amazingly well at growing his site and making a healthy income off it.

A talented writer, working a day job for companies like Close.io and building his own blog as a side project.

He tells his story on the always awesome Tropical MBA Podcast.

3 lessons…

  • Ryan achieved high search rankings in a competitive space. Not only his talent but he put in a lot of work over a few years to build the credibility of his blog. Good quality content that other sites wanted to link to. Made it a lot easier to get traffic volumes for more competitive search terms. You got to put in the work up front.
  • Process for finding the right content to create – have brilliant idea, check Ahrefs (or your favorite keyword tool) for volumes, analyze who competitors are and where they get their backlinks from. Then, write great article, reach out to who’s linking to your competitors and get linked as well. Simple 😂
  • Despite the direction Google is going in (answering queries on the results page), content on a blog is still a viable way to get traffic for long, in depth, useful pieces. For many industries outside of the internet marketing niche, there’s a lot of opportunity because the competition is weak. Writing a single 10x piece of content could bring in a lot of business.

Today's episode is all about something that Dan and Ian still find magical about entrepreneurship.

That is, if you find the right thing to write about, the internet will still allow you to make a great living off of it.

This week's guest was able to do exactly that with essentially one blog post.

Ryan Robinson is the host of a podcast called The Side Hustle Project and he runs a fantastic blog over at RyRob.com.

He recently wrote a piece on his that blog about how to start a blog and make money from it, and that post went on to become the most successful piece of content he has created.

On today's show, Ryan joins us to share some great insights about that post, as well as some strategies for creating content that makes money, and some actionable tips for getting started today.