Backlinko’s Brian Dean on the State of SEO in 2019 and How to Generate 3 Million Blog Readers


Brian Dean is the SEO (search engine optimization) genius running Backlinko, a hugely popular blog on all things about getting content ranked in Google.

In this interview, he tells his origin story and gives his tips for successfully ranking content in 2019.

Why should you listen?

There are two parts to this.

Firstly, how he got where he is today is an interesting story and a great example of learning, doing and then teaching. And how that can turn into a business.

Secondly, he’s the man who knows how to get content ranked in Google. Which gets ever more challenging. But if you can do it, it’s free traffic.

3 lessons…

  • Make content that’s worth sharing and linking to. You have to be remarkable in some way. Not just another site
  • “The bar for content is much higher than people think. Making good content consistently is a complete waste of time. Create something amazing and get over that bar. Once you’re over that threshold it all (traffic) starts coming through and coming to you”
  • When creating content base the topic on keywords – ensure proven demand on a topic that will continue into the future. Not flash in the pan.

In today’s episode, we’re talking to Brian Dean, the SEO and content marketing guru begins the massively popular blog, Backlinko—where he teaches more than 3 Million yearly readers how to create and optimize content in order to rank well in search engines.