Becoming Well-Known: Your Plan to Becoming a Recognized Expert


Imagine how better things could be if you were well known? A bigger audience for your products. Or being able to help more people and make a bigger impact in the world.

You could get more invites onto podcasts, speak from the (virtual) stage or get a book deal.

But even more importantly, organic reach is on the decline so you need people to be talking about you to get ahead of the algorithm.

Being well known also gets you above the digital distraction. People are looking for you. No cat pics needed to stand out.

In this episode of Social Media Marketing, Michael Stelzner walks through his step by step process to becoming well known.

Lessons learned

DREAMS = a 6 step process to follow one after the other (listen to the episode for all the details)

1. Depicting

  • Create a visual storyboard of your future. What do you really want to achieve?
  • Imagine what roadblocks you might face. Need to have the attitude of "I believe it's possible and I will find a way"
  • Don't worry about the how. Move into it and you will figure it out
  • Also define what makes you special. What are you known for? What are you an expert in?

2. Research

  • Audience - who do you want to reach?
  • What are their struggles?
  • What parts of their struggles can you help with? You can't do it all (niche down).

3. Experiment

  • Try messaging in different ways to find what resonates with your audience.
  • It's ok to make mistakes and it's ok to fail.

4. Augment

  • When you find messaging that works, keep improving on it.
  • Develop core talking points.
  • Come up with your own methods to solve the audience problem.
  • Work out how to describe what you do in an easy way. Use stories.

5. Make

  • Show up on a regular basis and make great content.
  • Leverage other people's platforms and build your own.

6. Sync

  • Partner with others in your industry
  • Find ways to work with competitors
  • Elevation principle: Great content + Other people - Marketing messages = GROWTH

What could you achieve for your business and yourself if you were more well-known? Could you reach and help more people with your message?

To explore how to become a recognized expert in any industry, I recorded a special episode of the Social Media Marketing Podcast. I share a method that works for becoming well-known—regardless of what industry you’re in.


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