Scale or Die
Feb 11, 2019

Brian Moran’s secret to paid traffic and massive growth at SamCart


Brian Moran tells the story of shifting his business from selling info products to creating a checkout software that filled a gap he personally experienced in the market.

Then he turned his new software (SamCart) into a $1M business overnight.

Why should you listen?

Listen to hear how SamCart’s sales funnel from paid ads is set up to profit immediately. Before a prospect even signs up for a free trial of the software. Brian can keep pumping money into ads and build a user base for free.

I don’t think there are many SaaS businesses doing it like this? Clickfunnels has massive success doing it this way.

3 lessons…

  • Figure out a way to breakeven on ad costs before you offer your core product. It’ll give you the cashflow to scale fast.
  • If you want an overnight success, you need an audience of raving fans already in place.
  • If your paid ad channel isn’t working for you, it’s your fault – change your offer, messaging or targeting

When Brian Moran was growing up, his father gave him a piece of advice that stuck with him: learn to sell. After playing collegiate baseball, studying marketing, and running two online businesses, Brian launched SamCart, an e-commerce shopping cart software that helps small businesses get their online stores up and running. SamCart made quite the splash — and proved Brian truly knew how to sell —  when it turned into a $1 million dollar business overnight.

In this episode, Brian chimes in on why friendships are invaluable when growing a business, why badly performing ads are nobody’s fault but your own, and how he’s designed a new type of signup funnel. Instead of pushing his traffic to a demo, Brian has a genius strategy where’s he’s effectively able to recover his marketing spend immediately, create a high-intent audience, and warm his audience through content.

Listen to this juicy episode to get the full story behind SamCart’s industry-defying growth.

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