The Fizzle Show
Jan 7, 2020

Bryan Harris – You Don't Need Courses, You Need Results


Ever bought an online course, did a few modules and then left it gathering dust?

You’re not alone. 95% of online courses never get finished and only 2% of “students” get a result. That’s the stats from Bryan Harris in his interview on the Fizzle Show.

You have to wonder why people keep buying them?

There has to be a better way. So Bryan and team moved away from self serve to live accelerators. And gave themselves a forcing function to ensure student success - guaranteed results or your money back.

A great insight into the online course business.

Other nuggets of wisdom on the podcast

  • Pricing - don’t be afraid to change pricing and try different tiers. You need more than one point on the graph to know if your price is right
  • If you’re in service business remember this: “Show. Don’t tell”. Pitch an example of what you’ll do specifically for that client - let them see the result first. It’s the fastest way to win business.
  • Bryan's favorite business book is 80/20 Sales and Marketing by Perry Marshall. He applies the principles to his business.

Our guest today is Bryan Harris. Bryan is the founder of, where they create tools and training to help people grow businesses. Bryan made a very interesting switch in his business recently, eliminating his online courses to only focus on live training. Because of this change and some other innovative ideas, Bryan and his team have managed to drive completion rates to unheard of levels of 90%+.