Business Case Study: Growing Museum Hack Past $3 Million


Noah Kagan (Sumo, Appsumo)  is trying a new approach with this episode of his podcast – a kind of business surgery.

Talking to businesses and getting to the root of their problems. Giving advice and, hopefully, the audience learning a few things.

First up is Michael Alexis from Museum Hack. A cool sounding business – they do private museum tours BUT they make it the best museum tour you’ve ever had. Their guides are comedians and entertainers.

Anyway… Museum Hack have been stuck just short of the $3M annual revenue and Noah offers up some practical advice to break through.

3 lessons…

  • Set aggressive goals to spur creativity amongst the team
  • Develop a scorecard that talks to the controllable levers that will take you to your targets (eg it’s better to measure the number of articles written than measure your rank in Google).
  • Find the things that are already working in the business and 10x the effort / resource you put into them. Don’t spread yourself across too many things.

Solve your REAL business challenges. I’m helping actual listeners solve their biggest business problems — starting with Museum Hack. Today, I talk to Michael Alexis on where the company is stuck, and ideas to help them grow. Use these lessons in your own business.

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