Live in the Feast
Aug 20, 2019

Case Studies, Client Research, and How To Create Killer Conversion Copywriting with Joel Klettke


I’ve followed Joel Klettke around the socials for a while and love the value he brings to copywriting and SaaS groups. He’s got a no nonsense style in sharing his knowledge.

This interview on Live In The Feast doesn’t disappoint.

3 lessons…

  • The purpose of conversion copywriting is not to manipulate or trick your audience into buying. It’s to understand the prospects so much that you can preempt their anxiety, pain and desires. And then present the right information, said in the right way, to allow them to make an informed decision. The job of the copy is not to create desire. The job is to channel the desire.
  • 90% of conversion copywriting isn’t writing. It’s the research and analysis that goes into getting a deep understanding of your market.
  • Case studies are underestimated tools in converting prospects. Use them in any part of the funnel by repurposing the content to fit the awareness levels. As it gets easier to launch products, the only thing that competitors can’t copy from you is your experiences with customers. Your proof is becoming one of the most important parts of your brand.

Today’s co-host is Joel Klettke. Joel is a conversion copywriter and the co-founder of Case Study Buddy. Joel is a sought-after consultant, having worked with companies like Hubspot and WP Engine, among others. Today, Joel is talking with us about his strategies around conversion copywriting.

Joel firmly believes that copywriting is 10 percent writing and 90 percent research. To that end, when he’s working with clients, he engages with their customers in many different ways to learn all he can about them. Doing comprehensive research is the foundation for good conversion copywriting.

Being a relatively new dad has shaped how Joel views the world and his work. Watching his son be curious about everything, and look at things with wonder has reignited his own curiosity and reopened him to ideas in his own work.

Joel is still focused on conversion copywriting, but he’s starting to pull back a bit and dive into Case Study Buddy more and more. He sees it as a blue ocean opportunity and is excited to help clients create this valuable asset for their own companies.

In this episode, we talk about what conversion copywriting is, and what it’s not. We also talk about the five things we try to understand about our customers and how to make that information work for you. We discuss how to interview your customers for a case study, and then use the case studies in all stages of your business to position the value of your services.

“I think a lot of us just zero in on doing the work. And I think there’s a time for that. But I think another reason people don’t act is fear. Fear that they’ll say the wrong thing, fear that they don’t know how to do it."
In this episode Joel talked about:

  • What conversion copywriting really is.
  • The five key elements of great conversion copywriting.
  • Why case studies are your best friend for landing new clients.

Main Takeaways

  • Conversion copy understands the client so well that it can preempt anxieties and pain points, so you can know what to say and how to say it.
  • The five elements you need to solve for are: purchase triggers, pain points, anxieties, priorities, and awareness. All successful conversion copy answers these questions.
  • Case studies are the only piece of content that you can use at every stage of dealing with a client. Whether it’s right away or further into the process, you can use these examples to up sell, close a deal, or simply provide valuable information.

Important Mentions in this Episode