Close The Sales Gap Through Stories with Dr. Mark Goulston


When you’re building your business you’re in sales.

Whether you’re getting new clients, pitching for funding or hiring an employee, you’re selling yourself and your products. And a great way to sell is to use stories.

In this episode of The Successful Pitch, sales and storytelling expert Dr. Mark Goulston, explains why stories work and gives some useful tips.

On a side note, loving the intro describing him as “an influencer who helps influencers become more influential”. Meta. 😂

3 lessons…

  • We remember stories. We connect with them. We understand them.
  • People have to be able to see themselves in the story to be able to answer the question “will this work for me?”
  • When you’re pitching anything, your audience is listening to find out 3 things: Can they trust you, can they have confidence in you and can they respect and admire you.

Do storytelling and story selling differ? A lot would argue that being a great storyteller can increase your chances of bagging massive sales. Dr. Mark Goulston, a UCLA professor of Psychiatry for over 25 years and a former FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer, believes that you cannot be telling a good story and selling at the same time. Find out why as he gets into the science behind it. The podcast host of My Wakeup Call, he reveals the several key elements that people are unconsciously looking and listening for. On top of that, catch on how storytelling can access a different part of someone’s brain to make their defenses go down.

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