MarTech Podcast
Jul 12, 2019

Content Marketing Week: Evaluating Your Content Performance


Everyone is pumping out content of one form or another but is it doing anything for your business? How do you know?

This episode of MarTech Podcast features Robert Rose from the Content Marketing Institute and wraps up a week of content focused podcasts.

All are worth listening to (all available on the same link) but evaluating content jumped out at me as a topic many businesses would be interested in.

3 lessons…

  • If you treat content the same as an ad, it will not perform as well. It’s expensive and is a longer term investment model.
  • Think about how you monetize the 85%+ people who consume your content but will not become customers – can they give you reach beyond what you can do on your own (by sharing)? Can they be used for lookalike audience advertising? The more people in your audience, the more possibilities for something to become viral.
  • What’s the focus of your content? What are you trying to accomplish? You need to understand this before you can measure success. Don’t produce content just because you can, or think you should.

Welcome to Content Marketing Week on the MarTech Podcast. Each day this week we're going to publish an episode that discusses what you need to know about the technologies and strategies behind maximizing the impact of your content marketing as a creator and as a publisher. Joining us is Robert Rose, the Founder of Content Advisory. Today, Robert talks us through the best practices for evaluating your content. Show Notes

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