Courtland Allen on growing downloads and community through storytelling


This is episode 1 of a new podcast, Record Edit Podcast from producer Bradley Denham. In it he interviews Courtland Allen of Indie Hackers about the growth of his podcast.

I’ve included this episode because there’s a growing trend of starting a podcast as a new marketing channel, and Courtland is a good example of what you can achieve. He tells a good story – from never wanting to do a podcast, to it now being a very close second in driving sign ups to the Indie Hackers community.

3 lessons…

  • The main drivers of growth are quality of interview and consistency. Putting the podcast out episode after episode and doing the prep work for the interviews compounds over time. Fundamental rules of getting success with anything content based
  • If you’re anxious about doing interview style podcasts, remember the pressure is on the guest not you. You only have to show up and ask good questions.
  • Before you start a podcast, know why you’re starting one. What’s the goal? It’s going to be hard to keep going when you’re only getting a handful of downloads at the start. You need some other motivator. Might also help to commit to a specific number of episodes and do them whatever – most people give up before episode 10.

Courtland and I talk about how we first started working together, what outsourcing production has done to help him build his business & community, and why consistency is the key to growing your podcast (and not just in the way you’d expect)