Creating a Content Goldmine with Podcasts


Jaclyn Schiff runs an agency that helps podcasters get the most out of their podcast content. (She's also a fan of this newsletter 😀)

In this interview she talks about how best to approach podcasting as a marketing channel and the mistake most podcasters make (spoiler alert: they don't do much of anything with their content)

If you're thinking of getting started with podcasting or want more mileage from your existing episodes, this is the place to start.

3 lessons:

  • The podcasting space is getting competitive (helped by access to cheap and easy access to tools) so if you're going to do an interview style podcast, you need to differentiate. What are you going to offer your audience that many others don't?
  • First steps with a podcast are much the same as any other type of content: Who's the audience, where do they hang out and what do they want? Answer these questions before starting out.
  • The core message of this episode is why to repurpose your podcast content and how to do it. A transcript or a quick paragraph and link to resources is a wasted opportunity.

On this episode, learn how podcasting can be a powerful content goldmine for marketers, and exactly what you need to do to repurpose podcast content for maximum reach.

Get the full show notes here.