Effective Outbound Prospecting


Maybe it’s the bubble I’m living in but it feels like cold outreach is a big thing right now.

Could be the wave of affordable SaaS tools for finding prospects and sending emails that has made it popular. And increasing costs for paid traffic is driving people to find alternative ways to win new business.

Anyway, there are right ways and wrong ways of doing cold outreach and in this episode of Growth Marketing Toolbox, Mark Colgan offers some tips from his marketing agency experience.

3 lessons…

  • Don’t use your main domain for sending emails. IF you start getting flagged as spam, it’s going to affect your normal day to day email deliverability as well. Instead, get the same name on a different TLD e.g if using .com then get a .co or .io. And don’t use a free email like gmail to do cold prospecting – looks unprofessional and you’ll probably get our account shut down.
  • Don’t go in for the sell straight away, start a relationship. Offer some form of value as prospects know they’re being sold to. Create content based on what your ideal customer would want to consume.
  • Use personalization. Including first names in subject lines works well. If you have a high value product, personalize each individual email. For lower value products, use merge tags with data enriched from (for example) Linkedin.

A final idea I got from this episode is a cool way to keep track of changes in your buyer personas (in B2B). Set up job alerts for the job roles and industries you’re targeting and look at what new skills and responsibilities are being asked for.

When you see patterns forming, create your content around these new characteristics.

On this episode, we explore outbound prospecting so you can generate better quality leads in less time.

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