Indie Hackers
Jul 22, 2019

Finding Success by Working on Things That Matter with Hiten Shah


Hiten Shah is a prolific creator of products – more than 30 to date. And 5 of them have been multimillion dollar successes. He’s also had a few failures on the way.

That all adds up to a lot of experience of what to do and what not to do.

In this excellent interview on Indie Hackers, Hiten gives a ton of advice for anyone starting a business. Or building a new product.

So much learning in this podcast, it’s hard to boil it down to 3 key takeaways. I had many. But here goes…

  • Make sure the problems you’re solving for your customers are their top challenges. Do the research to figure that out before you start building the solution. If it’s not a priority, ask how you can make it the priority. When you research, focus on what they are doing today. People don’t want new things. They want better, faster ways to do the things they are already doing.
  • The section on how Hiten and his co founder Marie got to their current product FYI. Is interesting how failures and ideas took them on the path to where they are now.
  • Learn from the past but don’t get bogged down by it. Do postmortems on the things you do in your business and document it. Hiten also found improved results come from sharing it with his newsletter subscribers and also teaching them how to do it (eg a launch on Product Hunt or getting an MVP out of the door in 5 days)

Rather than pursue a traditional career, Hiten Shah (@hnshah) decided to follow the choose-your-own-adventure life of being a founder. Since then he's launched more than 30 products, including five multimillion dollar products and a few spectacular failures as well. In this episode we talk about embracing and reflecting on failure, making better business decisions through research, the importance of sharing and teaching what you've learned, and how to make sure you're working on what matters.

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