How Do I Increase Engagement Through Email Marketing?


It’s been a long time since I listened Ask Pat - Pat Flynn’s coaching podcast. I didn’t actually know he was still doing it.

But a random conversation on Reddit led me to this episode. It's all about getting engagement through your email marketing.

It's not only relevant to email marketing - if you’ve got an email newsletter it also makes a lot of sense to engage with readers (hello 👋)

Lessons learned

  • Email shouldn't only be a one way communication with your audience. It's a 2 way medium.
  • Try to get engagement sooner in your marketing sequences. Your subscribers are opening welcome emails the most - use that to trigger a conversation. When you wait longer, interest drops off.
  • When you ask for things in your email, promise to add value in the reply. Promise to send back some personalized ideas and resources. (side note: I recently changed the Podboxer welcome email to do exactly that)
  • Give an example of the kind of things other people are asking you - it lets them know it's ok to ask the dumb questions, or the really difficult ones, or the silly ones.
  • If you're linking out to a piece of content, encourage interaction in the comments.
  • Hold something back from a marketing sequence and tell them they can get it by replying (special bonus video, ebook, template, etc.)
  • To really raise the bar, use a service like Bonjoro to send a personalized video to subscribers. Or to people who take a specific action e.g. buy a product. Hard to scale with big numbers but can add a wow factor when starting out.

In this episode of AskPat 2.0, I speak with Jake Lang, a serial entrepreneur who had a very similar start to mine: helping people pass some exams. He's building his brand over at and is here to talk about email marketing and making more personal connections with the people in his audience.

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