How Founders Should Be Thinking About the Current Crisis


Not surprisingly, the main topic of new podcasts in these last weeks has been the corona health and economic crisis.

This episode from Startups For The Rest Of Us offers some practical ways to think, and actions to take, if you're running a business.

Lessons learned

  • Keep a level head and don't panic (at least try not to)
  • No business is recession proof. There's different levels of impact but everyone will take a hit.
  • Know where to make cuts in expenses so you're ready get lean.
  • Review your sales and marketing plans. Is it appropriate right now?
  • Cash is king (in the bank, not under the mattress). As we get through this, opportunities will present themselves.
  • We will get through this 💪

In this episode of Startups For The Rest Of Us, Rob along with guest Einar Vollset, talk about the current crisis and as a founder what your mindset should be and what to do to be prepared.
#1: Don’t panic, clear heads will prevail
#2: No business is recession proof
#3: Be cautious
#4: Heavily scrutinize all marketing and sales efforts
#5: Take care of yourself and those around you
#6: At times like these, cash is king
#7: We’re going to make it through this
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