How GetUplift Uses Psychology, Persuasion and Emotional Targeting to Increase Conversion for SaaS


Talia Wolf runs conversion optimization agency GetUplift. In this interview on SaaS Breakthrough she talks about her customer centric approach to optimization. And how that differs to the normal ways of doing things.

Although on a “SaaS” podcast, this episode is relevant to any type of business.

3 lessons…

  • Conversion optimization isn’t about changing elements on a page – it’s about solving people’s problems. Do that by understanding the people behind the screen
  • Think about your audience and what led them to your landing page. Why are they searching for the solution? What were they doing right before they started searching? Understand that and you can make choices about copy, images, color, etc.
  • Basic UX principles go a long way to helping the user find what they need on your site.

Meet Talia Wolf, the founder of GetUplift which provides conversion optimization services for high-growth companies. Using customer-centric strategies, emotional targeting, persuasion, and data, Talia generates more revenue, sales and leads for her clients and students.

In this episode, you'll hear about how GetUplift was founded and who is the perfect company ready for conversion optimization. You'll learn about building the framework for the emotional targeting methodology, the system that Talia uses to run her tests. You'll also hear about winning campaigns in SaaS and how Talia has built these over the last year, what tests you need to know and how to run them in your business. And finally, you'll hear about what Talia wants to see changing in the marketing landscapes that I think all SaaS companies need to know.

This is an episode with many great lightbulb moments. Enjoy!


  • 03:00 Using Psychology, Persuasion, and Emotion to Optimize Websites and Funnels
  • 05:00 Finding Product Market Fit
  • 09:30 The Emotional Targeting Methodology
  • 15:15 SaaS Case Study: A Presentation Platform
  • 20:20 The Questions Marketers Should Be Asking
  • 26:30 Case Study: Going Back to Basics on a Website
  • 31:10 How Marketers Should Approach Testing
  • 34:35 The Role of Tools
  • 37:00 More Companies Becoming Customer-centric
  • 38:50 Lightning Questions