Marketing Mashup
Feb 27, 2020

How Marketing Examples Breaks The Rules of Traditional Marketing with Founder, Harry Dry


Interview with Harry Dry who continues to crush it with his content on Marketing Examples. Growing a large following on Twitter (24K) and email (13K) doesn’t come without some dedication and skill. Harry tells the story of how he got to this point.

A lot to get out of this one...

Lessons learned

On doing your own thing:

  • Look up from time to time and don’t keep being shuffled along a path you don’t want to be on.

On launching a new product:

  • No marketing plan = nothing happens
  • Find influencers and think up new innovative ways to get them to notice you. Needs to be a win for them (as well as you)
  • Leverage your story no matter how small. Don’t try to be a big brand
  • Always launch with an MVP - don’t waste time and money until you’ve got some data that says it’s going to work

On moving forward

  • Keep shipping projects. Even when you’re making mistakes you’re learning. It’s all part of the journey to getting success.

On Twitter:

  • People want to retweet tweets that look good on their own timeline. Help them look clever, funny or boost their status.
  • You’re not going to grow an audience linking out to posts. You need the content in the tweets.
  • People are more likely to retweet threads than individual tweets

On getting email subscribers:

  • If you've only got one email signup form on your site, you're missing out on subscribers
  • Popups work. Whether you like them or not. Make it more friendly by using exit intent
  • Make it clear why someone should subscribe. A clear offer and call to action
  • Have a specific subscriber page on your site that you can link to on social media

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Harry is the founder of Marketing Examples.

We cover a bunch of ground in this episode:

  • What it's like being on the Indie Hackers pod
  • Harry's first endeavour turning tweets into canvas prints - 140 Canvas
  • Doing things that don't scale, sending in handwritten letters to YouTuber mailtime's
  • Why you need to market yourself
  • Importance of validating your idea
  • The story behind Yeezy Dating
  • Buying billboards in Times Square
  • How Harry hustled his way into Yeezy HQ
  • Working for Crowdform. Harry lived like a 'real person' for 8-9 months...
  • While writing for Crowdform, Harry took those examples and put them on a marketing examples first page
  • How Marketing Examples was born organically
  • The importance of providing value natively on the platform
  • People don't like self promotion, but if you're giving people value they'll react well
  • How Harry got banned on the EntrepreneurRideAlong sub-reddit
  • What are the best subreddits to post in?
  • How Harry lost 27k of Bitcoin
  • Best practices to grow a Twitter following
  • Using long Twitter threads and not linking away from Twitter
  • @NoContextHearn; @NavalRavikantBot
  • Using his website to bring people to Twitter
  • Why not having a background in marketing can make you a better marketer
  • The attention to detail in Marketing Examples sets it apart from anything else
  • Podia's Competitor Pages
  • Growing a very nice sized email list (13k)
  • Utilising Product Hunt effectively
  • Using good copy to increase conversions
  • Refactoring UI
  • Using GIFs for marketing