How to Analyze Customer Research to Create Great Copy (3 Steps)


Brilliant "how to" episode with copywriting expert Joel Klettke. It's a step by step walk through of how he approaches customer research, and then uses it to create copy.

Joel always gives away a ton of helpful advice. 💯

Lessons learned

  • Even if you think you know your customer, you don't. They change over time, you have biases. It's important to get into their shoes to understand them and break some of the assumptions.
  • Reviews and testimonials mining is a great place for research. Even if you don't have your own, look at competitors and other products solving same solution.
  • You're looking for frequently mentioned pain points, benefits of that solution, hesitations / anxieties, outcomes.
  • Pull out recurring themes. Use a text analyzer to check for frequent words.
  • Look for sticky copy - phrases that punch you in the gut 🥊. New ways of looking at the product that grab attention and create visuals in the mind.
  • On competitors, look for the negatives, the frustrations. If you can solve those frustrations it’s an opportunity to ensure your messaging highlights it.
  • If you can get on the phone with real people then it's even better. You'll get richer insights in a shorter period of time vs survey or mining reviews.

Interview them about the Before, During and After:

  • Before: How they solved solution before, what led them to the solution like yours, what frustrations were they experiencing.
  • During: What criteria did they use to evaluate. What surprises about working with you, what frustrates about working with you.
  • After: What results have they been able to achieve.

  • All the research goes into building out the right page structure and using the right messaging to grab attention.

Every part of your copy has just one job:

  • Headline: hook and grab attention
  • Sub headline: expand and provide context for the headline
  • Headings: context for people who scan. If you could only read them, could you walk away with the gist of what’s on offer

  • Write the copy like your reader needs to pee. You’ve got to keep them there. Keep their attention.
  • Every line needs to have a good reason to be there. Going through copy and ask “Does this need to be here?”
  • Add specificity. Ask “could I be more specific? Is there a better example, better way of bringing this in”
  • Copywriting process - something that universally holds true... You should always come back to it and review later.
  • Think of pulling the page together as building lego. Write blocks of copy and assemble them later. Blank page can feel daunting.

What are your thoughts on customer research? Do you think it takes too long and is a dirty word? Or do you rely on it for your business?

My guest is Joel Klettke, owner of Case Study Buddy, a company that helps you to create case studies. In this episode, he explains how your research and analysis will not only produce killer copy but will inform many aspects of your business - from branding to landing pages and everything in between.

We Covered:

  • How good customer research is not just research for research sake
  • The benefits of review and testimonial mining
  • The consequences of not doing effective customer research
  • How changing just a few words can make your copy more vivid
  • What to look for in negative competitor reviews
  • How to translate all the data you collect into one page of copy
  • Why focusing purely on current customers is a big mistake
  • The principles and practicalities of writing good copy
  • How all writers are different and there’s no one way of writing
  • The questions to ask yourself as you read through your copy