How to use Quora for marketing


With the saturation and poor organic reach on the main social networks, using another platform seems like a good idea.

Have you looked at Quora?

Chances are, you’ve seen their answers to questions high up in the Google search results. But how do you use Quora to boost your own organic marketing efforts?

On this episode of Social Media Marketing podcast, Michael Stelzner interviews JD Prater, Quora’s Chief Evangelist (yep, a real title).

They cover how Quora works, how you can use it to establish thought leadership, drive your content marketing and reach potential customers.

3 lessons…

  • On Quora you can reach and influence people at the point they are making a decision / evaluating a product. People are on Quora to have questions answered so more demand driven and less passive compared to other social networks (although I find myself occasionally mindlessly scrolling reading answers to obscure questions).
  • Establishing “thought leadership” is relatively simple in theory – provide the best possible answer to questions in your market. In practice, being first or second to answer a question with a best answer will almost guarantee you rank at the top.
  • Repurpose content from your blog and link back to your articles to boost your content marketing efforts.

Do you want to learn more about Quora? Wondering how Quora can enhance your marketing efforts?

To explore how to use Quora for marketing, I interview JD Prater, Quora’s full-time evangelist.

Show notes:

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