I would pay $50 a month for Twitter - Bram Kanstein


Bram Kanstein is the founder of Startup Stash, still the highest upvoted product on Product Hunt.

In this interview on CodeLess he talks about where he came from to create such a huge viral hit. And how today, he's combining no-code tools and lean startup methods to help people launch their new ideas.

Lesson learned

  • If you understand and can communicate the value you are creating, you can reach a lot of people as a one man band
  • Easier to pivot your life when you're young and have low to zero responsibilities. But if you want to change something you don't like, you got to find the time to work on it. Keep moving forward.
  • Lurking in communities and consuming content is comfortable. But it's not going to help you really learn. You need to do stuff to learn.
  • Startup Stash came out of a combo of something Bram was doing in his day job, seeing that other resource sites could be improved and knowledge of a platform to get it in front of large numbers of users.

You've probably seen Bram Kanstein on Product Hunt or Twitter. CodeLess will get you up to speed on the maker behind the most upvoted project on Product Hunt. Bram recently launched a valuable project to help people dealing in difficult situations like COVID-19, find new ways to generate income from the internet. I

In this episode, Bram discusses one of his biggest drivers - sharing his knowledge and experience with makers, interested in learning about the mindset, process, and tools necessary to rapidly build and validate startup ideas. He loves the process of learning with others, and building real value through easy tutorials and a clean NoCode aesthetic.

Bram's Most Recent Projects

  • COVID Promises - Get reminded of your intended behavior changes after COVID.
  • Modern Day Jobs - A curated list of 100 modern ways to make money online.
  • My Startup Name - Free + simple framework to name your next project or startup
  • Road To Scale - 300+ curated content items for every stage of your startup.
  • Mailbook - The easiest way to collect addresses.
  • StartupWatching - Curated startup knowledge, inspiration & background stories.
  • Startup Stash - A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups
  • Epic Carrd Tutorial - Recreate the famous Buffer MVP website - without code

Work with Bram

  • Epic Carrd Tutorial - Build and validate your startup ideas without code.
  • The MVP Experiment Canvas - A structured framework for turning your big idea into an MVP you can test and validate with potential customers.
  • Startup Audit - A structured framework for turning your big idea into an MVP you can test and validate with potential customers.