LinkedIn Video: How Marketers Can Create Videos People Watch on LinkedIn


Michael Stelzner interviews LinkedIn video expert Goldie Chan about how using video on LinkedIn compares to Facebook and Youtube.

Also plenty of tips for creating and optimizing your LinkedIn videos.

Why should you listen?

Video in the feed is relatively new on LinkedIn so there’s opportunity to make the most of it before it saturates.

And with the limited organic reach on Facebook and increasing ad costs, it makes sense to look at alternative channels to market your business.

3 lessons…

– The LinkedIn audience has buying power. They are in gainful employment (or looking for it) and you can easily get in front of decision makers for selling B2B.

– Limit videos to 1 minute in length and get to the takeaways quickly – the audience isn’t looking for lengthy Youtube or Facebook Live type videos.

– Add captions to videos (tools to do this easily are mentioned in the podcast). Videos autoplay and sound is off as default, so you can catch attention with the captioning.

Looking to connect with an audience that has buying power? Wondering how to reach LinkedIn users with video?

In this episode, I interview Goldie Chan, a LinkedIn video expert who produces a daily video show about marketing.

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