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Jan 9, 2019

Making Connections with Influential People, Mark Anthony Bates


Mark Anthony Bates is an international entrepreneur renowned for his ability to connect with people. He’s sometimes known as the influencer of influencers.

In this interview he shares some simple tips and mindset shifts that will allow you to connect with anyone.

Why should you listen?

Getting connected to the right influencers can give you an unfair advantage. Most of us (especially the introverts like me) shy away from putting ourselves out there. But, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as we think.

This episode has personally given me a few ideas to take forward. And if you need to make more connections (we all do) then you’ll get something out this podcast.

3 lessons…

  • “The less I spoke the more interesting people thought I was”. Ask questions about the individual. Don’t talk about yourself and your new great idea.
  • Always give something before asking. Lead with value. (the law of reciprocity)
  • We overthink things before going to talk to someone influential. Go with an open mind and remember, they are just people like us.

How do you start a conversation with people who seem "out of your league"? How do you get into the circles that seem like they’re closed to make impressions and connections that will stick?

In this episode, international entrepreneur Mark Anthony Bates (known for being an influencer of influencers and global "connector") shares the tips, tactics, and mindset that can help you approach otherwise intimidating people in order to establish successful connections. As Roland and Mark chat, you are taken through some keys that you can practice to make you more confident and competent at connecting in business.


  • How curiosity, genuine interest, and respect always win over fear and overthinking.
  • How to reach out over social media or email to set up a meeting or initiate a connection.
  • Why proximity is useless and wasted if you can’t connect and build a rapport with someone
  • How listening and leading with value will pave the way for future trust, alliance, and synergy
  • Always give something before you ask for something


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