My First Million
Jul 9, 2019

Making Millions off an Email Newsletter?! Sam Parr from The Hustle Tells All


Do you subscribe to The Hustle? If not, you’re missing out on a fantastic daily newsletter. A well written, and often funny, digest of what’s important in the world. Take a look at

I’ve been a subscriber since Sam Parr, the founder, flipped the business model from a blog to focus on email. It’s been an impressive 3 year journey to become an 8 figure business.

My First Million is a podcast from The Hustle team and in their third episode Shaan Puri interviews Sam – From hotdog stand as a student, “Southern Sam’s: Wiener’s as Big as a Baby’s Arm”, to building one of the biggest daily email newsletters in the world.

If I could only listen to one podcast this week, this would be my choice.

3 lessons…

  • Constant forward movement opens up opportunities (but you need to be willing to hustle)
  • Don’t build your business on someone else’s platform (eg Facebook). Build your own and use other platforms. But don’t completely rely on them.
  • Simple business ideas make money. You don’t need to overcomplicate things.

Sam Parr (@theSamParr) is the founder of The Hustle - a simple email newsletter that has surpassed 1M daily subscribers and will be north of 8 figures this year. Sam walks us through how he built The Hustle from scratch as well as his adventures starting a hot dog stand (7min), selling booze on the internet (13min), meeting celebrities on the street and convincing them to hire him (11min) and how he would get rich if he was 21 again! (33min)