How I Built It
Nov 10, 2020

Making Resource Sites for Fun and Money with Jase Rodley


Jase offers great advice to add a nice side hustle to your business by creating resources websites. Essentially these are super niche sites that have very focused (and very searchable) content.  

This episode is ideal for freelancers, small business owners, and content creators.


- Create sites for super niche ideas - narrow audience, good SEO

- Make money through affiliates, selling space on the site, or "renting out" the site

- Brainstorm and simplify your idea so you can easily build it out

Jase Rodley has A LOT going on. In fact, since we recorded this episode, he stepped down from Rank Defender to run Dialed Labs. His energy and drive are apparent in the interview, where we talk about Making Resource sites. Essentially, he tells us how to make content to fill a demand, and make a little money along the way. I even put him on the spot and have him help me through an idea during the episode. So listen for that and more – and let me know what ideas you come up with!