Jan 22, 2020

Most Emails are Crap, and How to Stand Out in the Inbox with Sue Rice


James Schramko interviews Sue Rice, an expert marketer and copywriter, about what’s working in email marketing. And how to stand out.

Lessons learned

  • Email is not a promotion vehicle only - educate and use stories that people are already interested in and connect to their pain points
  • Remember you’re talking to human beings - it’s not a “list”
  • Lean into their world, don’t make them lean into yours.
  • Use the material that’s around you to create stories. Not a lot of people are doing it so you can stand out
  • Talk to one person in your email
  • Write stories down as you come across them. Doesn’t have to be yours. Borrow other people’s stories.
  • Don’t think people always want to get to the point - they want stories.
  • On subject lines, there has to be some curiosity. But it also has to be like the way you talk

A lot of online marketers these days are emailing rubbish. Copywriter of 25 years Sue Rice tells you how to avoid that.