Agents of Change
Nov 13, 2018

Optimizing Your Website for RankBrain – Jeffrey Kranz


Jeffrey Kranz is an SEO expert and gives his insight and practical tips on RankBrain – Google’s AI that tries to figure out the intent of user searches.

Why should you listen?

Because, you’re probably investing in content on your site. Either your own time or your money. If you want any of that SEO loving you need to know the direction Google is going in and how it decides what gets ranked and what doesn’t.

You could walk away with a checklist of things that give your content a better chance of getting on page 1.

3 lessons…

– Brand recognition and credibility boost click through, which in turn feeds RankBrain – Google sees people want to visit your site

– Use other people’s expertise when deciding on titles that work – Check the ads on the search results of terms you want to rank for and model those titles. If businesses are running paid ads they are likely testing what gets the best click through.

– When targeting keywords think about what people would say out loud to find your content – voice search is here and going to get bigger.

Have you heard about “RankBrain”? That’s the name of Google’s AI technology, making user intent a critical piece in search results. RankBrain is constantly trying to improve the Google’s Search Engine Results Page by attempting to understand what people are actually looking for when they search and delivering on that need. Better search results pages are better for searchers, but how can you take advantage of this shift to get in front of more of your ideal customers? In short, how can you optimize for RankBrain? Or is it impossible? If you want to understand more about how RankBrain in upending the search business and how you can stay on your feet, listen to Jeffrey Kranz, an SEO expert who focuses on RankBrain.