Phrases That Sell: 8 Copywriting Tips


Very excited to share this one with you. You’re going to want take notes as you listen to this. It’s gold.

Ray Edwards (one of the world’s leading copywriters) gives 8 ways to weave phrases that persuade into your writing. They are really simple to use and very effective.

Note, that this isn’t just for social media – it can be for anywhere you’re sharing your message.

Why should you listen?

If you struggle to find the right way to persuade your audience to buy your products, or take the actions you want them to, then this podcast is going to give you the tools to get better results.

You won’t regret listening to this. Seriously.

3 lessons…

  • People are more easily persuaded to move away from pain than to move towards pleasure. So talk about their problem in your copy, and then introduce the solution.
  • Your audience doesn’t always understand that they have a problem, so clearly explain it to them.
  • Small changes in the way you write can have a big impact on how your audience responds.

Want to write marketing copy that moves people to take action? Looking for tips from an expert copywriter?

To explore how to create phrases that sell, I interview Ray Edwards, one of the world’s leading copywriters.

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