Sep 18, 2019

Product-Led Growth


Product led growth is is the new buzzword for building and marketing software. Probably because it’s worked well for companies like Slack and Dropbox.

But what is it?

This episode from is a good overview and should give you ideas for your own product.

3 lessons…

  • Product led growth is a go to market strategy that relies on the product itself as the primary driver of customer acquisition, conversion, and expansion.
  • It’s a new era for software that’s called the end user era. Because it’s the end users driving the demand and not the people in IT or procurement who would traditionally make the decisions.
  • Marketing and sales doesn’t go away. They both look different in a product led company but the functions are still needed to get in front of end users.

We are in the middle of a massive shift in the way people use and buy software.

It’s been well over a decade since Salesforce brought software to the cloud. Apple put digital experiences in people’s pockets back in 2009 with the first iPhone. Blake talks about how we’re in “The End User Era” -- which is a new era that we’re now living in.  We may be using applications for business purposes, but even those applications are adopted not because of some procurement manager signing a contract, but adopted from the bottom up within an organization.

“The End User Era” applies to business applications like Slack, Zoom, Calendly, and others that you probably use every day.

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