Indie Hackers
Sep 5, 2019

Quick Chat with Harry Dry of Marketing Examples


I’ve been following Harry Dry and his site, Marketing Examples, for a few months. He’s growing fast and doing an amazing job of documenting the journey. He’s also kindly sharing his tactics with others 🙌

This interview on Indie Hackers is a nice summary of what he’s done to get where he is.

3 lessons…

  • Harry aimed small and didn’t have huge money goals. This meant he could start immediately. He didn’t need to spend months building a product before launching. Start small and iterate on feedback.
  • Figure out how to stand out when posting on social (or places where your audience hangs out). Example… Harry spends an hour or more repurposing his articles for Twitter. He gets great engagement and has quickly built his followers. Why? Not only great content but he’s presenting it in a way that nobody else is. It stands out.
  • You don’t need more advice. The internet is already full of every conceivable piece of advice. To succeed, work on fundamentals like discipline, patience, being a decent person. Keep going, don’t quit and everything will fall into place.

Harry Dry (@harrydry) is the founder of Marketing Examples, a fast-growing showcase of successful startup marketing stories. Since launching the site a few months ago, he's grown his email list to 5000 subscribers, won product of the week on Product Hunt, and is approaching $1,000 in monthly recurring revenue. Harry joined the show to talk about reducing the risks of being a founder, how to grow your Twitter following, and the importance of building the product that only you can build.

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