Creative Rebels
Aug 29, 2019

Starting Your Own Business with Angelica Malin


Another new podcast discovery. Focused on interviews with creative people / makers who have started building their own businesses.

This episode of Creative Rebels features Angelica Malin, the founder of About Time magazine which she started straight after college.

There’s a lot packed into this podcast, touching on the many different challenges of running a creative business.

3 lessons…

  • Work life balance is a myth. Work and life are becoming integrated and we’re continuously flowing from one to the other. Recognize that it’s ok for the boundaries to blur. But, need to learn how to manage it to avoid burnout.
  • Passion projects beat doing it for the money every time. When things go wrong (and they will, a lot) it’s the passion and purpose that will keep you moving forward.
  • When brands started to move their ad spend to social media, About Time magazine was able to pivot to the events business because they had a small nimble team. They hadn’t gone all in and doubled down on one thing. So were able to see change coming AND do something about it.

Angelica Malin is Editor-in-Chief of About Time Magazine which she started straight out of university. It's an online mag that shares all the places that it’s ‘About Time’ you visited.

Angelica is also the Founder of the About Time Academy which aims to help millennials navigate the world as it is today and dispel the myths that no longer serve us. As part of this she organises events, which we talk about in the episode, her latest is the She Started It festival, which is coming up on the 14th September 2019