Stop “Following Up” With Leads And Do This Instead


Sales advisor Ari Galper has a unique approach to selling that helps prevent the need for chasing down prospects and helps you naturally build trust into the sales process.

He talks about how you can remove pressure in sales so that potential customers will tell you the truth about if they're interested on not.

Your goal is not to focus on the end goal of the sale, your goal is to focus on the truth which will inevitably get you a lot more sales.

Lessons learned

  • Potential clients don’t care about how you solve their problem, they are trying to determine whether you're the one to solve it or not -- they are always asking themselves if they can trust you.
  • Ari advises consultants to send a “Trust Box” in the mail in advance of a sales call to set expectations that they are not going to pursue them and close them. They tell the potential client that they don’t use any sales tactics and then ask them if they are okay with that.
  • Don’t use “follow up” or "circle back" or similar phrases ever again. Instead replace it with, “I’m just giving you a call to see if you have any feedback on our proposal/last meeting/previous conversation.”
  • You shouldn't use video for a first call - people focus more on the phone when they don't have the distraction of looking at themselves.
  • Ask prospects why they reached out and they will share the issues they're looking to address. Then say, “If you’d be open to it, I’d be happy to see if we can arrange a conversation with one of our consultants to chat with you. Would you be open to that?” Using the word “open” instead of “interested” is a more powerful way to get them to be truthful about their level of interest.

Topics discussed in the episode:

  • The one word you should change in your initial chat with a potential client
  • How to rethink your sales technique to build trust from the start
  • Less volume, higher conversion
  • Responses to common objections and how to put your prospect in the driver’s seat to take the pressure off
  • How to pull a Jerry McGuire so you have them at Hello
  • What phrase you should remove from your vocabulary and never use again in the sales process
  • How to detox yourself from ‘hopeum’
  • What aikido and martial arts have to do with our conversation
  • Why you do not want to focus on the end goal of getting the sale
  • And much, much more!

Resources From Ari Galper: