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Nov 18, 2018

Successfully Selling To Young People with Connor Blakley


Interview with 19 year old Connor Blakely who runs Youth Logic, an agency that helps brands understand youth culture to implement better marketing strategies.

Why should you listen?

This one is a bit of curveball, but not really knowing anything about Gen Z myself, I thought it was interesting to hear what’s different about this group of people.

Generation Z is anyone born after the late 1990’s / early 2000’s (depending on which definition you take). They are soon going to be entering the workplace and earning money.

That means they’re going to be decision makers and spenders, and you want to start thinking about that in your marketing.

3 lessons…

– Gen Z is the first truly digital generation. They were born with a phone in their hands. To them online has always been in existence. And because of that they interact with online content differently. They don’t have low attention spans, they have high BS meters and move on quickly.

“They (Gen Z) have so many options with their phone in their hand, they don’t have to give a sh*t about what you are saying”

– Businesses that think about these 4 pillars will do well at attracting Gen Z:

  1. Esport and gaming is a big deal
  2. Wellness. Cooler to be healthy. Eating a salad and posting on instagram is cool. Doing yoga is cool
  3. Experiences are cooler than physical things
  4. Authenticity – “you don’t let any outside factors deter you from your core values and what you are determined to do”.

Connor runs a company called Youth Logic that helps brands understand youth culture to further their marketing strategy.

To successfully sell to young people, there are the 4 SECRETS to doing it. Here they are…

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Here’s a glance at what you’ll learn from Connor Blakley in this episode:

  • To successfully sell to young people, there are the 4 SECRETS to doing it. Here they are…
  • The biggest misconception people have about Generation Z and the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when selling to Generation Z
  • Everyone is going digital to reach young people. Instead, use ________ to reach with young people. (Almost NONE of your competitors are using this. If you do, it will give you a HUGE advantage)
  • R______ + C_______ = The Culture Formula. Get this right and watch your brand and business achieve extraordinary success
  • 2 difference between Generation Z and Millennials that impact your business
  • The Genius Network Youth Panel: Learn from the world's top young entrepreneurs at this years annual event