Mar 30, 2020

The Advantage of Email Marketing, Featuring Nathan Barry of ConvertKit


I write this newsletter because of episodes like this. The ones where I think "aha, that's something I could do".

There was no question about whether I should share this with you 😀

You probably know Nathan Barry. Maybe even heard his story before (he's done quite a few interviews). But I like this one as it doesn't go over his founder journey again.

Lessons learned

  • On starting again, Nathan wouldn't spend time creating the perfect website. Build a landing page and focus on building the email list. Get to 500 subscribers and then think about site design.
  • When you write content, write epic articles. Go all in on content that gets people saying "wow! you're giving this away for free"
  • Nathan only publishes content he wants to read.
  • Weave your personal story into your business. Share your journey and don't try to be the big corporation.
  • Have a goal and make it public. It will attract helpful people to you.
  • Teach. Even if you're not the expert. Learn something and then teach others what you learnt.
  • Show the messy behind the scenes work. It's a compelling part of your journey and story.
  • On when to build a product - consider coming up with the product before you build your audience. It's more interesting to get on a wait list than another me too info newsletter. Then send tutorials and content whilst you build (in public). It will give you more authority if you're seen to work towards an outcome.
  • Appoint yourself an authority on a subject and work towards it. You don't have to wait to be "voted" in.
  • Why is email the best tool - social platforms come and go. You need to be on them for discoverability but you want to have an audience that's on a platform you control. Owning the relationship vs renting the relationship.
  • There's an interesting discussion around privacy and email open tracking. Nathan gives his take on the current hot topic.
  • On list size - the overall number doesn't matter. What matters is the number of engaged subscribers.
  • Keep your email list clean for deliverability.

ConvertKit founder and CEO, Nathan Barry, returned to the podcast this week and joined host Darrell Vesterfelt to talk about how he got his start, the competitive advantage of email marketing, and the future of email.

Nathan Barry founded his company to help founders, creators, and digital marketers serve their audiences better with email … and earn a living doing it.

ConvertKit is an “email marketing company for creators” that offers its users powerful segmentation and automation tools without a lot of resources to implement.

In this week’s episode, Darrell and Nathan dig into email marketing from beginner to advanced, including:

  • Nathan’s early views on digital marketing and why his core values haven’t changed
  • How to build your audience (the right way)
  • Why “Teach everything you know,” and “Work in public,” are still Nathan’s mottos
  • The right time to build a product or sell something to your email list
  • Why email is still the central hub for building your business
  • And best practices for cleaning your list

The Show Notes

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