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Jul 10, 2019

The Art of Conversational Copywriting


Nick Usborne has been copywriting since 1979 😲

So he knows a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

In this interview on Unemployable, he talks about being human in the way we communicate with clients and customers. Bringing authenticity to our copy and how to do that so it feels real.

3 lessons…

  • The way to sell anything is through emotion. Not logic. Logic is what we use to justify our emotions.
  • When researching for copy, look for the emotion and look for the language used. Hanging around on social media and forums is a better way to research than with surveys.
  • In marketing / sales funnels, don’t over automate your communications. Inject some realtime messages as well. Make it clear that there’s a human who cares about the audience and the product. Hard to do this with full automation.

At the heart of any successful small business is a creative human being.

And it’s important that we remember to put our very human voice out there to connect with our preferred clients and customers.

And yet, when it comes to writing copy or content, we often stiffen up. Being an authentic human being should be the most natural thing ever -- so why does it often feel so unnatural when we try?

Plus, authenticity is determined by the audience, not by whatever pops in your head to say. And that means that communicating in a relatable way takes a lot of listening, and then mirroring back to your audience the language that they prefer.

In this episode, we’re joined by copywriter Nick Usborne, who specializes in “conversational copy.” Tune in to hear some of Nick’s favorite methods for creating engaging messages that catch and hold attention, while inching people ever closer to doing business with you.

Here is the link Nick mentions during the episode: https://conversationalcopywriting.com/unemployable/

To access the show notes, transcript, and links mentioned in this episode, view the episode page at: http://unemployable.com/podcast/conversational-copywritin