The “Dinner Party” Email Strategy That Increased Conversion by 209%


Val Geisler is the “Email Marketing Queen”.

With a list of big name SaaS clients in her portfolio, she’s an expert on using email for onboarding and churn reduction.

In this interview on Growth Marketing Today she shares her best tips. And the “Dinner Party” strategy for building out your onboarding sequences to increase paid conversions.

3 lessons…

  • The purpose of onboarding is to create a new habit with your users – the habit of using your product. You can’t do that only in app. It needs to take place in the inbox where they’re already spending time. So don’t shy way from sending emails.
  • But… don’t send emails full of features. You’ll scare the user away. Get an understanding of why they hired your product. What’s the job to be done. Focus on helping them get to the solution, the “aha” moment. Don’t overwhelm the user telling them everything your product can do.
  • Question to ask yourself when thinking about churn – “If we had no new customers coming in the door, how would we grow? How would we help grow our customers?”

Every business owner faces the same problem: Increasing conversions and reducing churn. With a client list of companies such as AWeber, Buffer, Stripe, AppCues, InVision, AppCues and more, Val Geisler, nicknamed "The Email Marketing Queen", has cracked the code to the email marketing strategy that actually increases trial conversions and reduces churn. The last onboarding emails she re-wrote saw a 209% increase in conversions. In episode 51, Val shares two of her BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to onboarding emails you should avoid, Val's "Dinner Party Strategy" for high-converting onboarding emails and three retention strategies that helps grow MRR. Steal my notes and growth cheat sheet from this episode at Support this podcast on Patreon at★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★