Business Casual
Mar 3, 2020

The Meteor Is Coming: The Fat Jewish on 2020, Social Media, and Rosé


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This interview with The Fat Jewish is an entertaining insight into the world of influencers. Aside from being a good listen, there’s some useful lessons if your business is centered on an audience and sponsorship. And to be an influencer doesn’t mean you need 11 million+ followers - if you’ve got an audience of any size, you’re an influencer.

Lessons learned

  • Translate your fame into something else. It won’t last forever. The brands wanted to work with him because he had a large audience but he recognized they would move on at some point - their tastes would change. They discard the influencers almost immediately
  • The barrier to entry for being an influencer is almost zero. That means there's always going to be competition. Get into a real consumer product... ask your audience what they want.
  • Eventually the influencer market bubble has to pop. Number of influencers keeps growing.
  • Build brands and do real stuff. Nobody wants to make real things anymore. Make better use of your platform.

What do Madonna, Mark Zuckerberg, and Mike Bloomberg have in common? They’re richer than you They all get name-dropped by social media personality The Fat Jewish the second you ask him to talk about the influencer economy.

This week on Business Casual, we did just that. The Fat Jewish (real name: Josh Ostrovsky) takes us on a roller coaster ride of content, from selling his Babe wine brand to AB InBev to Mike Bloomberg’s meme campaign for the White House.

And in this unpredictable election cycle, Bloomberg’s social strategy matters. Josh breaks an NDA with Bloomberg’s camp to explain exactly how those fake DMs will play out. Want to know how it ends? Go listen.

If that’s not enough to convince you, this episode also features Josh...

  • ID’ing when the influencer marketing bubble will pop
  • Explaining how to reverse engineer your audience into an R&D flywheel
  • Giving tangible examples of “cutting through the noise” that don’t sound like they came straight from a self-help book for entrepreneurs