The Next BIG Thing for Marketers Is . . . Email


An epiphany from Pat Flynn on the Smart Passive Income podcast. Email is back.

It never went away. But now the free rides on the social networks are over, email is seeing a spike in popularity.

3 lessons…

  • The algorithms of social networks are getting in the way of you, and the people who held up their hands to see your stuff. Organic reach is crazy low. Google also changing the way it’s keeping people on Google with answers in results. Email is the only thing you have control over. Email is the way round the walled gardens of social. It’s your own walled garden.
  • You’re still not going to reach everyone. But that’s on you – need to step up and send emails that people want to read, ones that they can’t wait to receive and will complain if they’re late.
  • Use segmentation with tools like Rightmessage (or hack your own process together) to get the right content out to the right people. Make it feel personal to each subscriber.

#385: I cover why you can't rely on Facebook, YouTube, and Google to reach your fans, and why email marketing is back in a big way. Learn how the big algorithms get in the way of you actually reaching your fans and how email (plus a few other tools) can help you get your message to the people who want to hear it.