Marketing Speak
Jun 25, 2019

The Nuts and Bolts of Persuasion with Bryan Eisenberg


Want to apply the strategies that have made Amazon successful?

Stephan’s guest, Bryan Eisenberg co wrote Be Like Amazon and talks through some of the techniques used by the ecom super giant that you can also use in your business.

And, listen to the way that Bryan’s agency pulls together buyer personas – they have a different take on it.

3 lessons…

  • Be customer centric – everything should be done with the customer in mind. This applies whether you’re a one man show or a Fortune 500
  • Test everything. Amazon run hundreds of tests every month, constantly looking for better ways to serve their customers.
  • Figure out where there is friction in the buying process and focus on smoothing it out.

How do you convince someone to take action? It's the eternal dilemma of the marketer. Unfortunately, too many people rely on their guts rather than facts and data when it comes to conversion strategies. Optimizing for conversion means understanding your customer's journey holistically—from the Google search to the shopping cart. It's about ensuring your copy, design, and overall user experience work harmoniously to gently persuade your customers to make that purchase or to sign-up for your newsletter.  Bryan Eisenberg is a master of conversion and user experience and internationally recognized as an authority in online marketing. Bryan, along with his brother, Jeffrey, has helped companies like Google and NBCUniversal boost their conversion rates and massively increase their bottom lines. Both brothers are also internationally sought-after speakers and authors of several bestselling books including Call to Action and Waiting for Your Cat to Bark.  On this episode number 192, Bryan and I would dig into the nuts and bolts of persuasion architecture. You'll glean some exclusive insights on how Fortune 500 companies craft winning conversion strategies. Want to know the inside scoop on what made Amazon so successful and how you can apply some of their very same strategies in your business? You'll learn that and a lot more on this top-shelf episode.