The Past, Present and Future of SEO


Have you seen the animalz blog before? Great writing about content marketing and definitely worth checking out.

They also have a content marketing focused podcast and, if search traffic is important for you, this episode about the state of SEO is recommended listening.

It’s getting harder to get ranked in Google – here’s why and what to do about it.

3 lessons…

  • Google is changing. They’re answering more queries directly on the results page so there’s no need for someone to visit your site. Clickthroughs for search have been falling for the last couple of years. Expect this to continue.
  • Ways round this include producing content for the long tail with in depth solutions to problems. Not a topic that can be displayed and answered in the Google feature box. It’s harder work than in the past but you’re also creating a library of content that shows you’re the go to place for answers.
  • Build communities or (carefully) tap into existing ones. Building strong relationships with potential customers can lead to higher conversion rates compared to unqualified search traffic.

In this episode, Devin and Cassie talk about how changes in Google SERPs make it harder for businesses to earn organic traffic. Is this a problem or an opportunity?