The Secret SEO Strategy that 2x Atlassian Organic Traffic from 4M to 8M


Great interview with Kevin Indig, VP of SEO at G2. He gives some actionable advice on how to get success in Google search results. And has the credibility to back it up having worked for eBay, Pinterest, Atlassian and G2.

Kevin explains the “Microsite 2.0” strategy he used to double organic traffic at Atlassian and a better way to think about keyword research.

Not the usual “do keyword research and write a 5000 word definitive guide”.

3 lessons…

  • Build out silos of related content on your website that focus on solving specific problems for your audience. Google is going to see you as an authority on those topics and visitors are going to stick around – take them on a journey with your content.
  • Don’t just do keyword research – really think about the problem someone is trying to solve. Think beyond the first search term through to what they will do next. Create content that answers all their questions.
  • Don’t be overly reliant on Google search traffic. Google is transitioning more and more to answering questions directly in the results. The searcher doesn’t need to leave Google at all.

Is it worth investing in SEO in 2019 when it's getting harder to rank for keywords? According to Kevin Indig, VP of SEO at G2, you need to forget about blogs and drive organic traffic with his secret SEO strategy, he dubbed "microsite 2.0". Kevin has worked for companies such as eBay, Pinterest, Atlassian, and G2 acquire more than +100M users using SEO. In this episode, we talk about something Kevin dubs as "microsite 2.0" strategy that doubled the organic traffic from 4M to 8M at Atlassian. We also talk about a link building strategy that Kevin called "account-based link building." Finally, we talk about big shifts in SEO in 2020 and beyond. For the show notes, key takeaways, tweetable quotes and other valuable resources, go to★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★