The Secret to Choosing a Good Name with Louise Karch


So when naming a business, it turns out you shouldn't just throw a few terms into a domain name generator and pick the first available dot com 😀  There's actually more to it than that.

This episode features Louise Karch, also know as "The Name Whisperer" (really) and will give you ideas about how to name your business.

I found this incredibly useful and worth the time to listen.

Lessons learned

  • According to Louise, other than the business model, the name is the most strategic decision you'll ever make.
  • "Break out or blend in" - there's so much noise right now, you have to stand out.
  • You want a name that pulls focus and creates a feeling.
  • Make up a name, mess around with the letters. As long as it feels right.
  • Removing a vowel from a name isn't a great idea - can be hard to say, hard to spell. And difficult to create a story around.
  • Sound hierarchy discussion was interesting - how a name feels when you say it. Does it feel big or small?
  • Unexpectedness in a name - you're in the attention economy so stand out.
  • When testing names, leave your ego behind and let the market tell you what's sticky.

Questions to think about

  • What / who is my brand for?
  • What’s the change I’m trying to make?
  • What’s the story I want people to tell?
  • What’s the sentiment I want people to feel?

Answer those question and you get elements of the brand that matter. Do that deeply and some word or phrase is going to come to mind.

How do you know if you company has a bad name? When your accountant tells you you’re not making enough money.

Louise Karch (a.k.a. The Name Whisperer) joins me to give a Masterclass on naming.

We cover:

The two most important questions you need to ask when testing a new name

How the sounds we hear influence our emotions

How to take advantage of our brains wiring to stand out in a crowd

And so much more!

Her award winning book: Word Glue - How To Find Your Million Dollar Brand Name ( will help to guide you and your team on your next Name Storming session.

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