The Video Flywheel Strategy for YouTube


Flywheels must be in fashion – hearing that term on a few podcasts in the last week or two. It’s the new sales funnel 😄

This episode from Hustle & Flowchart is a great lesson in using YouTube for lead generation by working with the algorithm to maximize views on your videos.

YouTube is the number 1 platform for “how to” content and the number 2 search engine.

So, if you’ve been putting off starting a YouTube channel, or taking your existing one seriously this podcast is going to leave you with no more excuses.

3 lessons…

  • The flywheel concept uses short interlinked videos that are bit like “micro dates” with the viewer, building familiarity and trust. Psychologically this works better than a single long video.
  • YouTube penalizes videos that take the viewer off the platform. Any external links in the description or in the video will stop the video from getting as much organic traction as it could. Use a separate offer video outside of the flywheel to take someone to your content off YouTube.
  • There’s no rocket science to getting your content in front of people initially (top of funnel) – good keyword research, competition analysis and good content that answers your audiences questions.

Aaron Biblow & Triston Goodwin have discovered a unique way to use YouTube for promotion, called the Video Flywheel. As the name suggests, it’s a circular funnel pattern that keeps the viewers within a loop where they are shown great information, while staying on the YouTube platform, until the very end for the offer.

This process works for most everything and they have even helped a guy selling over half a million dollars of bricks on YouTube as well as helped another get a job offer within just a few weeks.  

Triston is the tech guy, building it all behind the scenes, while Aaron has a knack for the dynamic ideas with the process. Together they make a great team and have created a system which is now taking advantage of a platform, that has tons of traffic but is also ripe for to draw viewers into your content as the cost per acquisition is still low and the competition is not saturated.  Check out this episode to see what the video flywheel is all about as well as learning tactics to set your own videos apart and be on YouTube’s good side in order to get a better, organic reach.  

Our record for the client who has the most expensive offer is, we are using the flywheel to promote a $10,000 offer straight from Youtube. No upsell, no tripwire, no get on my list...just book a call, pay $10,000.” - Triston Goodwin

“YouTube is very competitive, but it’s one of the least saturated places right now, especially for online marketing” - Aaron Biblow

Some Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Strategies that work with both organic and paid traffic
  • Tactics on how to best optimize your videos
  • Why a call to action is not always the best thing
  • How to keep viewers watching longer
  • Best practices on how to up your YouTube score
  • What to include in each video for continuity purposes
  • How to tie other people’s videos into your own for reach
  • The one key element of any YouTube video
  • And much, much more!

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