Jun 20, 2019

Tips For Networking Even If You Are An Introvert With Jaime Masters


It’s hard to find success without some level of putting yourself out there to connect with new people. Something that an introvert dreads.

But, overcoming “the fear” isn’t impossible as podcaster Jaime Masters, a self professed introvert tells James Schramko on this episode of SuperFastBusiness.

3 lessons…

  • Find a mentor to push you out of your comfort zone.
  • Learn how to ask questions – if you’re stuck trying to find something to say, use questions to get the other person talking.
  • If you want to develop better relationships with people you just met, use text or messaging to keep in touch – it’s a lot more personal than email.

Small town girl and natural introvert Jaime Masters has interviewed almost 500 millionaires on her podcast. How she developed her connection and networking skills is an inspiring story for any reticent business owner.