B2B Growth
Sep 13, 2019

Why Category Creators Need Strategic Stories w/ Andy Raskin


Storytelling has become an overused marketing buzzword. But what does it mean and why should we even think about stories?

This interview with Andy Raskin on B2B Growth hits home how stories are becoming a key to standing out from the competition. And how to start thinking about the story your business needs to tell.

3 lessons…

  • Markets are crowded. There are now 5 to 10x more competitors when you launch compared to 5 years ago. Barriers to starting up have disappeared. With so many competitors, customers are getting tired of being bombarded with “we’re the best at X”. The only true differentiator is a compelling story.
  • When telling the story, you tell it from the perspective that the change has already happened. “Everyone is already thinking or doing X so here we are to help you do X too. Don’t get left behind.”
  • Storytelling isn’t a marketing thing. It should be set and pushed by the CEO. It’s the only way to turn it into the DNA of the company. “If you don’t have a well thought out clear story, you don’t have a well thought out clear strategy.”

In this episode, we talk to Andy Raskin, who helps CEOs align their teams around a strategic story.

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