Why Community Is the Most Important Trend in Marketing


Although I feel this episode is talking to more established brands where community is a next step for their content marketing, I think it's important even for the early stage, solo indie hacker.

Building community doesn't have to cost huge $$ (you'll pay for it in time) and is a far better way to build trust and goodwill than paid ads or normal content.


  • Look at where the people are. Go there. Connect with them. Offer something they need.  Be genuine
  • Getting involved in other communities first is the best place to start. You learn a lot, discover what’s missing and can plug the gap.
  • A platform can't create connection. Humans do.
  • Community takes time to build. It's a longer term play.

Community is decentralized, hard to measure and difficult for marketing teams to execute on. So why is it so important?
In this episode, Devin and Jimmy talk community. Jimmy show his bias for easy-to-measure marketing channels and Devin explains why and all marketers should get a lot more comfortable with this type of work. Community, as it turns out, is probably the best way to create goodwill for your brand and help the people in your industry.