7-Figure Small
Jan 8, 2020

Why the Right Audience is the Key to Building Your Perfect Business


I love this idea that businesses can grow to a meaningful size (eg 7 figures) without huge teams. The availability of tools, expert freelancers and access to an audience means that anyone has the opportunity to create something awesome.

In the 7 Figure Small podcast (previously Unemployable) Brian Clark and Jerod Morris discuss how to build intentionally small businesses.

This episode talks about building audiences and the role that content plays.

Lessons learned

  • We often hear that “content is king”. It isn’t. Audience is king and content is the vehicle to build an audience
  • Build an audience with other people’s content - be a curator and find out what resonates with your audience. The less time you spend making mass amounts of content, the more time you have to find their problems and how to solve.
  • Curation gives you data points without having to write the content.
  • The goal isn’t to create content - the goal is to create a product your audience wants to buy
  • There are three fundamentals that you need to make it work - audience, offer and copy.

We're back!

After a short hiatus, we're excited to be in your speakers and headphones again with a new episode of the Unemployable podcast … except that it's no longer called Unemployable. You may have noticed that the podcast now has a new name: 7-Figure Small.

If you were listening last season, you'll be familiar with the concept of 7-Figure Small. The big idea is building a business with significant revenue potential that fits the lifestyle you desire — and doing it all without the stress and added complexity of investors and employees.

In this episode, we review that big idea and then go over the three fundamentals to actually building a 7-Figure Small business: the Who, the What, and the How.

We discuss:

• The reality that content isn't king, but this is
• Why creating huge amounts of content can actually be worse than a waste of time
• The level of patience needed to build a minimum viable audience (and how to speed the process up)
• The folly of mimicking someone else's “how”

Oh, and we have a little fun briefly reminiscing about one of the most inexplicably funny SNL skits of all time.

All of that and more on this week's edition of Unemp– err, 7-Figure Small. 😉