Writing authentic copy


Doug Morneau sits down with copywriter, Joe Pomeroy to talk, not surprisingly, about copywriting 😄

Joe’s background is in building start ups and using his skills to create solid connections with an audience and customer base.

Authenticity is key in winning raving fans who want to buy from you again and again…

3 lessons…

  • If your copywriter is external to the business they should be spending 90% of their time in research to get your voice
  • If you’re not a good copywriter, hire externally – focus on what you’re good at and let an expert get the copy connecting. Of course, Joe would say that as a copywriter!
  • Test, test, test. Test everything.

Tips on writing authentic copy with Joe Pomeroy

  • My whole focus is on writing authentic copy.
  • If you’re hiring a copywriter and 90% of their time is not spent in research, then they’re not going to get your voice.
  • It’s combining those classic [copywritng] traditions with authenticity and being able to write those headlines and do those bullet points and have those attention-getting boxes.
  • Oftentimes, business owners don’t necessarily see themselves as an expert, but the reality is when you built a business and you’re making money at it and you’re helping lots of people, that you’re an expert to somebody.
  • In terms of copywriting, where is the low hanging fruit?… The easiest place is landing pages or opt-in pages.
  • It’s a process. If all you have is this phenomenal landing page and you get people to sign up and then there’s zero follow up to it, you’re going to lose those people.
  • If you want to be a champion, focus on what you do best and get the right people around you. Hire the right people to come in, write copy, get that outside perspective, and get you on the medal stand as the champion.
  • The best way to figure out whether or not something is perfect is through A/B testing, which I always recommend.
  • Get clear on what you want and get clear on why you want it. Clarity dissolves fear.